"Education is not the learning of facts but the training of mind to think"

-Albert Einstein

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In the same endeavor, we offer to develop strong conceptual intellect that will allow the child to face any academic challanges

Small sized batches

Our batch size is designed to cater a small group

Regular Chapter wise Test

Well designed regular chapter wise tests & semester pattern examination

One to One Counselling

Expert in the field will share their views regarding various career prospects & counsel your daughter/son to select the most appropriate stream for the future

Personalized Training

Coaching module takes care of individual need of very student

Complete Study Material for every topic

This study material is compiled by experts to simplify the exhaustive curriculum

Audio and Video Learning

This is most innovative and modern tool to simplify the concepts

Regular Parents Meeting

Parents will be updated regarding their children performance on regular basis

Regular Doubt Solving Sessions

Builds the holistic approach required for entrance examinations



"Hardik sir taught me biology and chemistry for two years, two very crucial years -9th and 10th std. His classes are never boring, he makes them interesting and interactive. He not only teaches us the
syllabus for exams but also gives us extra knowledge to help us understand the topic or process more clearly. His notes have proved to be very helpful for revision. He conducts regular tests to help us evaluate our progress. He is always there to answer our questions, doubts, etc. and listen to our problems be it any time of the day. Besides being a good teacher, he is very supportive, encouraging and caring. Along with his explanation, his diagrams and presentations on the topic with videos have been very useful for thorough understanding of the process or cycle. I'll always be grateful for the support he gave me to pass through all the obstacles in those two years."

Dhruv Kabra

Thank you sir for your guidance and motivation
This wouldn't have happened if not for you!
Kids are lucky to have a mentor like you.
Hardik sir played a very important role in helping me remain motivated and study hard for my boards
His personal approach helped me to get good score
And I credit him with keeping my interest alive for science


"I would like to thank Hardik Sir for the support, guidance and friendship offered to me in the three years he taught me chemistry and biology. From the first time I met him he had a strict but rather extraordinary approach.He has fabulous teaching technique which made it easy for the students to learn anything and everything. Also he built a strong base for us by strengthening our fundamentals which helped me then and even now as I pursue my career in science. He gave us morale boosts,made us confident and at the same time provided us with an essential competitive environment. My score in the ICSE class X board exams is the true result of the help and guidance provided by Hardik Sir."


"Hardik sir has taught me for three years-8th,9th and 10th which is a crucial phase in a student’s life as it shapes up your future. Hardik sir is one of those rare teachers who is able to create content that students enjoy so much they often don’t realize how difficult the subject, they are learning,is.His approach and methodology boosts students confidence and helps them to learn things in the best way.He has a formula for expediting learning and bringing success in the classroom. We look forward to his teachings, advices and guidance.He is a source of motivation and encouragement for all of us.​"


I,Mrs. Clincy Jaison, mother of Joel Jaison, was sure that in the most important academic year of std X, tutoring my son for Chemistry and Biology would be none other than Prof.Hardik Shah, as he had even tutored my nephew and under whose guidance my nephew passed with flying colors in field of Science. I had Prof. Hardik Shah tutor my son too. His amicable, dynamic and constantly evolving techniques of tutoring makes the student well versed with concepts which the ICSE board has to offer.
He would make sure that his students understand the topic so well that they can analyse any question pertaining to that topic. Concepts taught by the professor don􀁅t just remain with his students but gets embedded in them.
Wishing him all the best in this teaching endeavors.


Hi... This is Flora mother of Calista. I would like to Thank Hardik Sir who tutored my daughter last year 2018-19 for Chemistry and Biology. My experience about him was he is very dedicated, committed and very hardworking in whatever he does. He boosted my daughters confidence and she really did very well in both the subjects. He is well versed with whatever he teaches and uses modern technology like computer to teach the students when required. He gives them a lot of series of test to know whether they are studying well. Thanks Hardik sir for whatever you have done for Calista. She was lucky to have a mentor like you. Thanks for all ur support and guidance through out the year. May God bless you abundantly and help you to guide many more students to achieve their future goals.

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