• Prof. Hardik Shah is a postgraduate in Biochemistry from the University of Mumbai.
  • Teaching experience: 2008 to present.
  • Visiting faculty at Atmiya Vidya Mandir (Surat) [2009-10].
  • SP Classes [For XI, XII and Medical Entrance] – 2009 to 2018.
  • EduCrafters [For ICSE IX and X] – 2012 – 2015
  • Currently working as Director of futureScience.

Our Aim

The formula of success is based on the belief that there is a winner in every student waiting to be discovered. Since its inception, Atmiya has tried to bring the best whether it is the most eminent trainers, the most comprehensive study material or the unique training methodology. We aim to provide best to the student to get best out of them.

Our Methodology

  • Emphasis is laid on conceptual understanding.
  • Lectures and study material are planned and designed with astute expertise in order to help building a strong foundation for high education.
  • My experience of mentoring students for medical entrance is very vital in this aspect.

What is Atmiya Eduhub?

The most precious gift a parent can give their child apart from their love and time is top quality education, an opportunity to explore the genius in them.For students appearing for ICSE Board Exams; Atmiya Eduhub provides the MOST ideal coaching platform built on the Knowledge, Teaching Passion and Principles of the founder Genius Prof. Hardik Shah; a legacy of passion for result oriented teaching. Built on the values, Teaching Passion and Principles of Prof Shah; Atmiya Eduhub is a Professionally Managed yet very Passionately driven coaching class for ICSE Board Exams . We very well realize that the results of these examinations for every parent and students is not just career defining; what your son or daughter becomes is highly dependent on these Results. Every student dreams and works very hard to score the highest possible in these examinations and Fulfill their parent’s dream. Success in these exams brings great Honour and sense of Fulfillment to parents. Every parents want to see their child successful and we all know it all begins with these examinations.
It’s with these sensibilities and realization that we at Atmiya have designed our coaching for ICSE Board Exams. Atmiya Eduhub is the Best Institute for training students to “understand the concepts” instead of just “Mugging- UP”. We help you Understand better, Work harder and most importantly, Atmiya Eduhub Helps and Guides you to Work smarter.
When you know that the scores in the Board are career defining ones for your child, why do you risk their Career by sending them to some average coaching class?Visit our Centre of Excellence and see what Atmiya Eduhub offers you compared to some average coaching class  & Secure you child’s brightest future.
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Our Associate

Prof. Bhavesh Maniar (Mentor - Physics and Mathematics)

To dream a profession at very young age and converting it into reality with a mission of creating RESPONSIBLE , AWARE and ABLE CITIZENS is a very pleasant experience. Yes, I recall my teaching ability at the age of 17 years , when I used to teach my younger friends. I decided my career when I was in F.Y.J.C. Teaching/mentoring students, immediately after completing graduation, with a very focussed and responsible way, where mission was the first and earning money  was the last  priority. Realised working with school/institution/ tuition will be limited approach to spread knowledge.
Thought of expanding my horizons and got an opportunity to write a book. As an author for 17 long years my ideas/teaching  might have reached lakhs of students. My journey as a mentor /teacher (25 years) and as an author is indeed a satisfactory and memorable since most of the ex students are now professionals in various walks of life. I continue to enjoy mentoring SECOND GENERATION loving kids along with my teaching work.
-Prof. Bhavesh Maniar

Prof. Priyanshu Shah | IIT-Bombay (M.Tech)

Prof. Priyanshu Shah, an IIT-Bombay (M.Tech) Alumnus, has a decorated academic journey. His protracted and illustrious academic career has many standout achievements like consistently scoring above 95% in Mathematics and Physics during his school and engineering. He secured All India Rank of 164 in prestigious GATE 2011 examination. The pinnacle of this list of success is him, obtaining First Rank in Mumbai by scoring 199/200 in MHT CET 2008 Examination at the age of 16. He was one of the youngest students in the history to achieve this milestone.
He worked in a multinational for a short span after completing his M.Tech from IIT-Bombay.
He is an ardent lover of Mathematics and Physics and has been training people which consists of peers from his school days to students whom he trains as a professional academic consultant, in which he has found his calling. He believes in enabling students by clearing their concepts by systematically breaking down their complex challenges to simplified basic level concepts.

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